December 1st, 2011

As keynote speaker at the Wealth and Family Legacy Summit presented by LGT Bank in Singapore this week, Robert Batts’ presentation proved to be a resounding success. An enlightening and truly positive experience for all attending, well done Robert!


Adolescent Day Care Treatment TRC is London's only private adolescent treatment clinic, providing day care for young people. TRC offers specialised adolescent treatment for anxiety, depression, self-harm, trauma and eating disorders.

Customised Care provides a whole new approach for adolescents who seek help with depression, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety and trauma based on their unique goal-orientated individual treatment plans.

Extended Care & Aftercare Support provide a safe transition from inpatient settings.

The Prevention Centre researches and implements methods of arresting mental health issues before they become entrenched, chronic conditions.

Family Therapy offers areas of expertise that have been designed to help support everyone in the family to be more relational to each another and to become aware of familial patterns of damaging behaviour. Systemic Family Analysis identifies cross generational family dysfunction and provides effective solutions for improved family functioning.

The Trauma Team helps clients identify and work through all types of trauma, from complex PTSD through to recurring difficult feelings and negative belief systems.

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