Michelle Scott BA BSc MSc

Psychotherapist (Registered MBACP)

In my experience, often the troubling behaviour that a person presents is a communication of an inner emotional distress. I believe that by helping them to be able to listen to and understand themselves better they can find alternative ways to communicate and negotiate their lives. I use a combination of creativity and imagination to help people explore their difficulties along side a practical approach to support them to build on their own inner resources and ability to make positive choices for their lives.

Before completing my training as a therapist in 2006, I worked as a Mental Health Nurse. I have also previously in the arts and media, both of which gave me a great foundation for my current practice. My work is psychodynamically based, which I find invaluable in understanding the potential underlying roots of any issues. From there I draw on other training and experience I have in Motivational Interviewing, CBT, IPT, creative therapy, group work and a good dose of common sense to tailor an approach that is right for each individual client.

As a nurse I worked in various mental health settings and I have over 15 years of experience in the field. My interests included addictions and eating disorders, an area I specialised in as a therapist at the Ellern Mede Centre for Eating Disorders, The Maudsley Eating Disorder Service and The Royal Free Hospital Intensive Eating Service. Often concurrent to those specialist areas are other issues such as depression, self harm, anxiety, low self esteem, body image problems, abuse, school and social difficulties, family break ups and bereavement. I have worked extensively with adolescents and young people as well as adults and families. This has brought me an awareness of how complex and deeply affecting mental health difficulties can be and therefore how important it is to have a thoughtful, nurturing and reliable approach in their care.


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