Georgia Mancroft BA MSc

Case Management Team

At TRC, we aim to nurture a warm and comforting atmosphere, helping to put our clients at ease and feel safe. The team works intuitively, recognising that our clients often bring problems with them that need to be dealt with delicacy and subtlety. I see this as a central aspect of my role at TRC, as I am often the first port of call, either on the phone or answering the door. Equally our integrative approach, providing clients with bespoke treatment programmes plays a key role in helping us to continually respond to the needs and circumstances experienced by our clients during their time at TRC. It is a privilege to be part of this process, ensuring that our clients receive the very best care and support during their mental health recovery.

I have an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from University of Sussex and I completed my master’s degree in Psychology at Regent’s University London in 2016. My thesis investigated the role of depression, anxiety, and social media use in the development of eating disorders in both men and women, whilst my undergraduate dissertation analysed the repercussions the discourse between practitioner and patient can have on the successful treatment of chronic illnesses, and how patient’s mental health is a factor often trivialised or diminished. I find that my multi-disciplinary background has emphasised the impact of the convoluted relationship between people and the modern world, and in turn, has highlighted the importance of helping people to find and build internal balance and emotional resilience for a healthy emotional and mental life. It is exciting to work in a field continuously developing research and expanding theories and I relish the opportunity to apply academic knowledge to the treatment of the individual. In view of this, I have been accepted on to the Group Facilitation Course at the Gestalt Centre to expand my theoretical comprehension and faciliation skills.

With this in mind, it is a great pleasure to work within the Clinical Management team at The Recovery Centre, helping to foster a supportive and caring therapeutic community for our clients. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to work more directly with our clients in facilitating Group Therapy and individual Life Skills sessions. Working at TRC provides a unique opportunity for our clients to engage in therapeutic work whilst maintaining their connection with the outside world. It is during our Life Skills sessions that I can help our clients navigate this balance and practically prepare for their life outside of therapy once this recovery is more established.


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