Beth Anfilogoff BA(Hons) MSc MBPsS

Case Management Team

I take great pleasure in working at TRC. Our bespoke approach allows for creativity in responding to our clients’ needs. Encouraging clients to tell their story and describe how they experience the world allows us to create a bespoke treatment programme in response to their goals and needs. I work with clients during our Intensive Integrated Assessment period, beginning the psychological assessment and also liaising with their families and any outside professionals in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible. When you’re feeling low or isolated, structure can feel like a safety net. Our timetables provide a supportive structure for our clients in a peaceful, loving environment.

I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Kings College London and a master’s degree in Psychology. My final research project was an investigation into the interaction of wealth, identity and mental health and earned me a Distinction. I have also completed training in Psychotherapy and Psychology at Regent’s University London.

My role at TRC involves managing a caseload of clients and the creation and coordination of their treatment programmes. I meet with clients regularly to discuss their on going treatment and also work with clients individually and facilitate groups, bringing an open and non-judgemental attitude, compassion, humour and a genuine interest into the lives of our clients to my sessions. The opportunity to provide innovative solutions to emotional difficulties in such a unique setting is a privilege.

Gratitude List:

1. Cycling to work on sunny mornings over London Bridge

2. Netball on Mondays

3. Moose, my chiweenie who is a regular in TRC office


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