Things people have said about the Recovery Centre:

’I wouldn’t change a thing at the Recovery Centre, in particular, I found the variety of therapies on offer and the way they were combined incredibly helpful’

’I felt I could always turn up and there would be an understanding and loving person for me to talk to’

‘I loved the homely feel, it was always warm and clean without ever feeling like it was a hospital or rehab, more like someone’s welcoming house’

‘The flexible treatment plan that was on offer was different from anywhere else I had been and was very helpful in allowing me to combine treatment with my work, therefore meaning it did not affect my career’

‘I am a huge fan and it is by far and away the best and the most effective treatment centre I have ever been to, bearing in mind I have been to 10 others in the past’

‘The moment I walked in and met the team I felt completely relaxed which allowed me to be honest for the 1st time in my life’

‘I loved the bespoke approach to treatment and therapy and I was treated like a real human being not just another fee paying patient’

‘I got so much from my sessions….. and loved the fact there was a dog in the Art Therapy sessions’

‘I am one year clean and have a healthy three month old baby girl neither of which would have been possible without the love and support I received at the Recovery Centre’

’Although I was very young (17) when I went to the Recovery Centre, I learnt so much about myself and my disease that I am now able to be happy with my life’

‘I loved my time at the Recovery Centre, the therapists are amazing particularly Robert and Mike’

‘The Recovery Centre gave me the insight to understand myself on a deeper level recognising my denial and allowing me to look at my behaviour in a new light’

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