Our Approach

The Recovery Centre offers an optimistic and fresh approach to the treatment of and recovery from psychological and emotional disturbances. Our world-renowned therapeutic specialists help individuals, couples and families to heal from the pain and despair often caused by these difficulties in a safe and nurturing sanctuary where the healing can both begin and continue. The Recovery Centre was founded in 2006 by Charisse Cooke and Robert Batt. Since that time our experienced team have expanded our concepts of Customised Care, Extended Care & Aftercare Support, The Prevention Centre, Family Therapy and The Trauma Team.

What we do

At The Recovery Centre we provide care in the form of tailored daycare treatment, where each individual has their own unique hand-picked team and treatment plan designed to focus on their specific needs. The emphasis is on intensive 1:1 therapy and sustained, long-term recovery.

We continually strive to develop and reinvent our treatment models and our vision. Year on year our service continues to improve and innovate. Our clients benefit from new insights gained from our clinical successes, from emerging worldwide scientific research and from the sheer creativity that exists in our company. At The Recovery Centre we are proudly independent and proudly innovative.

Our mission

We will not rest on our laurels. We wish to remain independent and to continue to lead from the front. We wish to innovate and to educate. We wish to become the finest treatment service available anywhere in the world.

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